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Clastres Circuit ’22

The 18th and 19th edition of the European Dragster Event at Clastres Circuit, organised by the Association Trophée Dragster were both amazing events!

During the first event it was a struggle to get SuzyQ truly going, every run turned out to be a run straight into the rev limiter without accelerating and we couldn’t figure out why.

Dick Koster was so kind to join SuzyQ to the second event and the entire team learned a lot from him this weekend, especially regarding how to work with data from the Racepak. The data showed there was a mistake in the third gear of the transmission. After fixing this, SuzyQ turned back into her normal self, with a best run of 8.32 seconds at the quarter mile. We ran a PB of 8.24 at this very same track last year, it would have been nice to improve that number, but this result was already great compared to how we started.

Nothing but good news so far, and I’m happy that I was able to make some good runs and learn a lot myself as well. Dick and the team did a brilliant job, so impressive to see and always motivating to make steps forward. The Association Trophée Dragster provided us a nice track and the even nicer “yellow” people who volunteer to get this event up and running: Merci beaucoup, je vous aime!

Now, this event marks the end of the 2023 season for SuzyQ. Some big improvements are coming, and I really need the time and especially the empty agenda to sort everything out. SuzyQ will be back in 2023, better and faster. Ah well, if everything goes according to plan. We all know those racecar malarkeys, don’t we?

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