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Dragrace Madness

SuzyQ’s first event of 2022 was our first Dutch dragrace event in four years. Covid and other circumstances made it impossible to organize a proper dragrace on Dutch soil, which made it even more special when it finally happened. Ofcourse, SuzyQ was there!

The event was called Dragrace Madness, and that was a proper description for how SuzyQ performed this weekend. I can’t deny that it has been a challenging one, with a lot of wrenching and not as much racing as we would have wanted. But I’m proud of my team, because we did manage to get SuzyQ up and running, even after rebuilding the Bruno drive at the track due to severely delayed parts deliveries. This is racing too, sometimes you just have to look at the bright side and live to fight another day.

The organizers DHRA and 402 Automotive have created a great event, and the awesome weather was a huge bonus. SuzyQ will definitely be here again next time!

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